Enhancements and Changes since the '00 release

  1. All new etch and deposit capability based on the level set technique. The old machine command is not used any more, although we hope to bring it back in the future.

  2. The floods partial differential equations are all now alagator based. This has caused a loss of some functionalilty in this release - most notably the noise simulation. We will restore this in the future as a update to this release.

  3. Alagator parsing and evaluations is now roughly 2X faster on most machines.

  4. New furnace and rta commands have been added to deal wth simple cases. The diffusion command was getting too many options. We'll probably do more of this in the future and the diffuse command may disappear entirely!

  5. Commands now have a built in help option. Any command now takes the -help parameter that will dump all parameters and short help messages. For example, you can now use "deposit -help" to remind you of the parameters.

  6. Many commands have had their manual pages shortened to represent the options users most commonly use. We've hidden a lot of parameters and controls that most people won't care about or use.

  7. All plot commands now use the blt window. The old XSUPREM window is gone - as is the native x code that supported it. Since blt, tk, and tcl are widely supported plotting should be easier on many platforms. Windows ports should be far easier now, since the graphics is supported.