FLOOPS Specific Commands

These commands implement the specific process simulation commands for etching, deposition, diffusion, and implantation. There also commands which control the operation of the main four capabilities. Both parameters and models can be selected.

Action Commands

The deposit command allows new material to be deposited on the wafer surface. This command is all new for the 2002 release.
Simulate all types of thermal steps, including anneals, oxidations, and silicidations.
This command is used with a specific etch to evolve the surface according to the type of etching specified. This command is all new for the 2002 release.
This is a simplified interface to the diffuse command for furnace anneals.
Implant a dopant and add it to the existing distributions.
This command is used to create a mask. It can be used subsequently with an implant or etch command..
This is a simplified interface to the diffuse command and temperature ramps for rta anneals.
Solve for numerical-stress in the structure.
This command removes a specified surface material in its entirety.

Examples Section

Gate Etch
This examples describes a simple etch of a polysilicon gate followed by an oxide spacer formation.
One Dimensional Oxidation
This examples plots the thickness of an oxide layer during wet oxidation for three different temperatures.
CMOS Well and Isolation
This script runs the front end of a simple CMOS process with a single well.
{311} Evolution and Anneal
This runs a script that plots 311 evolution from a 1014cm-2, 40keV Si implant.

Parameters and Control

Parameters are stored in pdb, and the equations are defined in alagator. Most of these aren't really adjustable as there are complex interdependencies. If you can't read alagator, you probably shouldn't be messing with them!
This command is used to specify the viscosity and elasticity values for a material. This is antiquated and will be suplanted in the future with pdb based parameters.
This command is used to specify the etch and deposit rates and types for different materials during a single named etch. The defined machine can then be used during a specific deposition and etch statement. This works only with the old and etch and deposit capabilities. We anticipate integrating it in with the new etch and deposit commands in the futre.
This command specifies oxide growth parameters. It will be suplanted in the future with all pdb based parameters.
Specify initial stresses in materials for numerical stress calculations.
Create and control temperature ramps for use with diffusion.


Mark Law