Alagator Commands

These commands allow the user to control and set up alagator scripts for creating user models for diffusion.

Scripting Language Description

The scripting language has multiple components that are called during execution of a diffusion command. The basic element is a description of a differential equation. The diffusion calls several procedures for a solution that allow these equations to be constructed at run time.

Language Description
A description of the recognized keywords and symbols in building an equation.
Callback Procedures
A description of the procedures that are looked for and called by the diffusion code.
Tutorial examples that help users get started.
Process Examples
Complex examples from the default scripts for floops diffusion
Device Examples
Examples from the device simulator

Support Commands

The command that allows syntax checking and resolution checking of equation strings.
Create and control generic solutions.
Create, control, and delete subexpressions used in the equation scripts.


Mark Law