FLOOPS/FLOODS Grid Commands Description

This manual section describes commands used to create and refine meshes. Commands are also available to store meshes and data for later reference. These commands are common both to FLOODS and FLOOPS.

This command allows user control of the fieldserver. Users can swap fieldserver objects and have multiple objects available.
This command has three major subfunctions. It can report quality measures for the current mesh, can smooth an existing mesh, and can regrid a mesh under user control.
This command allows the user to set up the initial grid and specify background concentrations, or read in a previously created structure.
This command allows the user to position x and y grid lines for a rectangular mesh.
The region command allows the user to specify which sections of the rectangular mesh are which material, as well as the location of boundary conditions.
The structure command allows the user to read and write mesh and solution values. This is the main i/o of data to and from the program.
The Smooth command allows the user to smooth the grid of a specific material.

Bugs and Missing Features

It would be nice to allow specification of more arbitrary nonplanar shapes.

It would also be nice to allow nonrectangular starting meshes.


Mark Law